And the title of the next Mission: Impossible is….Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol
Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol or is it Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol or possibly Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol?!?!

The title should be Mission: Impossible Title Punctuation!!!! All kidding aside, I am anxious to see the official poster released with the proper punctuation so myself and my fellow movie writers will be able to sleep easily at night.

The fourth mission, if you choose to except, it arrives in theaters December 16th, 2011.  On the side of the good guys is Tom Cruise, returning as Ethan Hunt, Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner, Paula Patton and Josh Holloway.  Who wants to take a guess that there is a double agent in the mix of that group?  Smart money is on Josh Holloway’s character.   Playing from the bad guys are Lea Seydoux, Anil Kapoor and Michael Nyqvist. J.J. Abrams is producing this Brad Bird directed film.

Are you excited for this next film?

Source: Vulture

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