Trailers: Dont Be Afraid Of The Dark, I Spit On Your Grave, Monsters

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Here are some trailers for your viewing pleasure.  I seem to be interested lately in a lot of great suspenseful films coming out.  This is a departure for me because I am not traditionally a fan of horror movies.  I don’t particularly like a lot of blood and gore.  I do however like films with a lot of suspense and ones that are full of psychological thrills.

Dont Be Afraid Of The Dark: Teaser Trailer

For a teaser trailer this trailer has sunk its claws into me and grabbed hold.  At first the trailer seemed a little hokey, in my opinion, but then it goes forward full force. 

I Spit On Your Grave

I had not heard of the original 1979 cult classic that this movie is based on but am definitely intrigued.  This reminds me of Deliverance in a way but with a female in the lead.  I am pretty excited to see this film for that reason.  With Sucker Punch and this coming out there is not a shortage of females that are able to kick ass.

Monsters: Teaser Trailer

I am reminded of a the feeling of dread and being alone that I felt while watching 28 Days Later.  I think that Monsters will be a an interesting film.

What are your thoughts on these movies?  Which are you looking forward to seeing most?

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