2010 Spring Television Wrap Up

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The spring television season is over (only Glee is left to finish out its season in the coming weeks) so it’s time to take stock of how it all played out.

How I Met Your Mother – After the 100th episode (Girls vs. Suits) the show really took a nosedive in terms of quality. The jokes weren’t as fresh or funny and they made absolutely no progress with the mother. The cliffhanger rests solely on Marshall and Lily’s shoulders with the decision to start trying to have a baby. The season’s cliffhanger is not even an event! It’s a decision to try to something. I’m still going to tune in next season, but I really hope it gets better and starts moving forward towards the mother or I may not want to stick through another rough patch.

Chuck – Another great season of Chuck in the bag! While it had it’s low points, a lot of that can be chalked up to the fact that the show had created a full 13 episode story and then had to scramble to tack on 6 more after The Jay Leno Show failed and they needed to fill their schedule. The show tried to go down a darker road and didn’t always succeed, but I admire it for trying. And while the Shaw storyline was annoying and unsatisfying, it actually made his eventual turn to the villain all the more engrossing. Without that initial shaky period, the season finale would not have packed as much of a punch.

Lost – The entire season threw the audience for a loop with the “Flash-Sideways” storyline. We followed along not knowing how the two storylines could co-exist within one show and were rewarded (or not depending on how you felt about the finale) with a resolution. Many mysteries will never be solved, but I feel satisfied with the emotional and character story arcs.

Glee – For the second half of the season, Glee kicked up the music quotient and I think it suffered for it. There were many episodes that felt like a slip of a plot held together only by distracting you with a song and dance, none more exemplified this than this week’s “Funk” episode. There were some strong episodes like “Dream On” and “The Power of Madonna” so they have the potential to be great with just a many songs. I hope the season finale is as strong as their fall finale was. Either way, we’re in for at least two more seasons of the show since it’s already been picked up for a 3rd season despite not even finishing its first.

V – While the first half of the season was pretty lackluster, the show picked up when it returned from hiatus. I’m not sure if I’ll stick through until next season though because it doesn’t come back until midseason.

America’s Next Top Model – The show has been going on for so long that, really, what more can I said? It’s formulaic and predictable, but I still tune in and enjoy it. I’ll be tuning in until there’s nothing to tune in to anymore.

Modern Family – My favorite show on air right now. Hilarious and heart-warming without being schmaltzy, most of the time. I hope they can keep it up during the 2nd season. While it doesn’t win the awards that Glee has, but I feel it’s more consistent and just over all a better written show.

Cougar Town – While I initially was skeptical of the show for its title and Courtney Cox’s Jules was kind of annoying. But as the show progressed it found its voice and balance. I don’t know if they’ll change the title to reflect this new balance, but I know I’ll be watching regardless of its title.

Happy Town – What a disappointment that was. I hope Amy Acker finds a project worthy of her talent. If you’re one of the few who liked it, they’ll be airing the remaining episodes this summer.

FlashForward – What started with such promise quickly started to disappoint with superficial characters and storylines that didn’t always make sense. It had one some considered the worst series finale ever, since it ended exactly how it began.

The Vampire Diaries – I love this show far more than I should feel comfortable saying. It keeps me guessing on what’s going to happen next. The story moves at rocket speed and the chemistry between the three leads makes for a very convincing love triangle. I love the flashbacks and period costumes; I love the friendships and relationships; I love the soundtrack. It had one of the best season finales with a twist and cliffhanger that I couldn’t predict.

The Office – Maybe it’s the addition of new, really funny sitcoms like Modern Family and Cougar Town, but I’m finding I like this show less and less. It’s been diving more into the uncomfortably awkward territory, rather than the hilariously awkward it excelled at previous seasons. It’s rumored to be Steve Carrel’s last season next season and I would be perfectly fine with that being the end of the series. While the show has a strong supporting cast, I just don’t see it going on without Michael Scott.

Caprica – While it took a while for me to warm up to the BSG prequel, it definitely had me hooked by the time it went on hiatus. It explores technology and theology in interesting storylines that build realistic characters. While doing a fair bit of techno-babble, it also makes it all seem meaningful and still understandable. The show is just smart! We’re only halfway through the first season and I hope it gains more viewers so it can stick around a while longer.

Family Guy – I no longer have any motivation to consistently tune in to this show. The episode where the entire half hour was spent abusing an unconscious Stewie just for the “pay-off” of Lois and Peter having the same idea on how to hide his injury was just not funny, no where near as funny as a joke needed to be to redeem that episode. It had a great season premiere but every other episode has been either forgettable or so bad that I feel like I wasted my time. With South Park and the return of Futurama, I don’t know if I’ll be putting in the time to keep up with this show. If my roommates keep up with it, I probably will too.

And with that, so ends the 2010 midseason television season. What did you all think? Are you as glad as I am to see FlashForward and Happy Town go? As disappointed with how the 2nd half of Glee as I am? Or as happily surprised by Capira? Let me know in the comments!

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