Too Much of a Good Thing: Men in Black

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Seems like Men in Black 3 is going to happen.

I loved the first movie, but the 2nd movie was pretty lackluster. And now it’s been 7 years since the last one. Do we really need another MiB movie?

The only thing making me think this could actually turn out to be a good movie: Etan Cohen. He’s not a name most recognize, but we all have seen his work. He wrote Tropic Thunder, which is a great blending of action and comedy, much like MiB will be. He created great characters and put them in an extraordinary situation. He also wrote Madagascar 2, which I actually really liked. He’s proven he’s got the comedy chops and can bring original ideas to the screen. Hopefully, he can work his mojo on the MiB franchise! So far they haven’t gotten Will Smith and Tommy Lee to fully commit, but if they can get Grade A talent behind the camera, I’m sure they’ll get it in front.

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